Friday, April 5, 2013

Makeup and Nails Not War Guest Post

I have another guest post for today. I'm really excited to have Makeup and Nails Not War on my blog :) MaNNW is a makeup and nail blog run by two friends, Megan and Alicia. Today's post if from Alicia. Check it out!

Hello! This is Alicia from Makeup and Nails Not War for my very first guest post! I wasn't originally going to do an Easter mani, since I have a ton of homework due next week. However, I was testing Elmer's glue as a peel-off base coat and was inspired to do a fun pastel look. I also recently got a new dotting tool and striping brush so it was fun playing with different designs! The Elmer's worked GREAT - it was easy to peel off, but I had to pick at them. They lasted through a full day and a shower without lifting up - a super easy removal method!


The base color is OPI's My Vampire Is Buff. The orange is OR001 by Missha, the coral/red is OR205 by The Face Shop, the mint green is Envy Green by Organic Farm, the purple is Lollipop by Orly, the blue is I Need a Refresh-Mint by Wet N' Wild, and the yellow is Lemon Meringue by Revlon. 


I'd really like to thank Stephanie for giving me the chance to do a guest post! Paper Thin Nails has been a huge inspiration to me!

Thank you so much Alicia! These are adorable. Please make sure to check out other posts from Alicia and Megan at Makeup and Nails Not War :)

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