Saturday, May 25, 2013


So I'm going to warn you, today's post is not filled with beautiful and amazing nail art. This weeks prompt for wrath was "get mad trying, again, that technique you know it's going to be a fail."

I decided to go ahead and review these nail foils from the Born Pretty Store, which I had tried once in the past, and went horribly, and thought maybe this time, it might go a little smoother.

It really just freaking did not at all. I almost didn't want to post these, but I told myself that I should because it really does fit in with the prompt.

Here is the problem with these nail foils, the Born Pretty store states that you can just apply them to regular polish, when it's not wet but still tacky, and peel away quickly. It's difficult to place the foil onto the nail at the exact moment that it's still tacky enough to stick, but not too tacky that it peels the polish away.

For my ring finger, that worked rather well, but for everything else, it just made a complete mess. No ladies and gentlemen, I am not that terrible at applying polish, the nail foils peeled away the black polish on my tips.

I hate to give a negative review, but this just did not work for me, and I had such high hopes. My assumption is that you really need a specific glue to apply these foils, and I bet if I had the proper glue, it would work really well.

Look how pretty it looks inside the container!

If only I had gotten it to turn out that awesome on the nail.

These Nail Art Roll Foils are $2.99 a roll and you get quite a bit. I just really would recommend getting the glue that is needed for this to work. If I ever end up buying the glue and getting this to work better, I will definitely do a post for it.

My followers can use the code NHL91 to receive 10% off at checkout.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Greedy Sloth

The semester is finally over and I thought it was about time to do some nail art.

I need to play catch up on the Seven Deadly Sins challenge and I'm just going to go ahead and combine greed and sloth because I can.

The prompt I chose for greed is to use my most expensive nail polish and sloth is to do a super easy tutorial.

Now don't get all excited, this is definitely the most lazy tutorial ever, so much so that I wouldn't even call it a tutorial.

I used Butter London Trout Pout as a base and placed on stickers from the Born Pretty Store. I know Butter London isn't terrible expensive compared to some brands, but it's the most expensive I own, and Trout Pout is just amazing!

I told you it wasn't much of a tutorial :P

Really simple, but I really like it a lot. I think I kind of prefer the smaller sticker as opposed to the larger one, but at the same time, I enjoy that they're different sizes. What do you think? The larger one did have some obvious lifting issue

I also got new lighting which I'm really excited about. I normally spend forever on my photos trying to get the color to be accurate and now I don't have to! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure - First Impression

Today I'm going to be doing something a little bit different. I recently purchased Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Strengthener for Severe Problem Nails and thought I'd do a first impressions on it.

The back of the bottle says to "Shake gently. Apply 1 thin coat to bare nails every other day. Use alone or as a base coat." I've only been using it for about five days, and though that means I've only applied it three times, I am pretty impressed so far.

Since my nails are so thin from years and years of poor treatment and nail biting, I have tried a lot of  nail strengtheners. The "holy grail" appears to be OPI Nail Envy, but to be honest, that has not worked for me. I've also tried Nail Tek Intense Therapy and Seche Vite Rebuild and Restore, all to no avail.  I really didn't have a whole lot of hope for this, but I figured I'd give it a go.

Now, I don't know if anyone else has this problem with nail strengtheners, but they always always end up peeling off of my nails. I don't know why, but I feel like if they're just peeling off, they're not really doing their job.

This product does not peel. Every day that I've applied it, the layer from two days before is still there, perfectly in tact. It also actually makes my nails feel stronger and dries ridiculously fast. I honestly feel like it will be an awesome base coat as well since it adheres so well onto the nail.

Anyway, that's my first impression of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. Leave a comment if you're interested in a proper review once I've used it a bit longer. Hopefully, I'll be posting some nail art soon (and catching up on the Seven Deadly Sins challenge) but I need finals to end first.

Hope you are having a lovely day :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony

Hi everyone! I'm still alive :) And I'm really excited about this mani. I know my nails are still pretty short but they are actually long enough to paint now :)

For the second week of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, I chose the prompt "skip your diet and paint something that makes your stomach growl" and do some ice cream nail art :)

I honestly should be "ice creamed" out by now. I am creating an ice cream shoppe menu for my final project in GDIII and even went as far to make my own avocado ice cream. Which sounds weird, but it was delicious!

For this look, I started out with CG Kalahari Kiss, mixed it with Finger Paints It Baroque to paint the diagonal lines. Then I used OPI Pink Friday, Mermaid's Tears,  My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and Steady As She Rose to paint the drips. If you feel like I use the same polishes all the time, I probably do, but I love them too much to stop.

I painted my accent finger with OPI Pink Friday and added a bow sticker from the Born Pretty Store.

These Gold 3D Nail Stickers are $4.51, and while I think you could achieve the same look with stamping, I do think it's much easier. Just peel it off the sheet, place on the nail and viola! I also think if you let your polish dry (unlike me) if it's not quite where you want it, you could probably move it. My followers can use the code NHL91 to receive 10% off at checkout.