Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony

Hi everyone! I'm still alive :) And I'm really excited about this mani. I know my nails are still pretty short but they are actually long enough to paint now :)

For the second week of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, I chose the prompt "skip your diet and paint something that makes your stomach growl" and do some ice cream nail art :)

I honestly should be "ice creamed" out by now. I am creating an ice cream shoppe menu for my final project in GDIII and even went as far to make my own avocado ice cream. Which sounds weird, but it was delicious!

For this look, I started out with CG Kalahari Kiss, mixed it with Finger Paints It Baroque to paint the diagonal lines. Then I used OPI Pink Friday, Mermaid's Tears,  My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and Steady As She Rose to paint the drips. If you feel like I use the same polishes all the time, I probably do, but I love them too much to stop.

I painted my accent finger with OPI Pink Friday and added a bow sticker from the Born Pretty Store.

These Gold 3D Nail Stickers are $4.51, and while I think you could achieve the same look with stamping, I do think it's much easier. Just peel it off the sheet, place on the nail and viola! I also think if you let your polish dry (unlike me) if it's not quite where you want it, you could probably move it. My followers can use the code NHL91 to receive 10% off at checkout.

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  1. Lovely manicure :)
    Looks so delicious :D
    Avocado ice cream sounds really really good :D Im a huge fan of avocado right now :D