Friday, May 24, 2013

A Greedy Sloth

The semester is finally over and I thought it was about time to do some nail art.

I need to play catch up on the Seven Deadly Sins challenge and I'm just going to go ahead and combine greed and sloth because I can.

The prompt I chose for greed is to use my most expensive nail polish and sloth is to do a super easy tutorial.

Now don't get all excited, this is definitely the most lazy tutorial ever, so much so that I wouldn't even call it a tutorial.

I used Butter London Trout Pout as a base and placed on stickers from the Born Pretty Store. I know Butter London isn't terrible expensive compared to some brands, but it's the most expensive I own, and Trout Pout is just amazing!

I told you it wasn't much of a tutorial :P

Really simple, but I really like it a lot. I think I kind of prefer the smaller sticker as opposed to the larger one, but at the same time, I enjoy that they're different sizes. What do you think? The larger one did have some obvious lifting issue

I also got new lighting which I'm really excited about. I normally spend forever on my photos trying to get the color to be accurate and now I don't have to! :)

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