Saturday, August 31, 2013

HARE polish - The Tropics are Calling

Today I have swatches of the newest collection from HARE polish: The Tropics are Calling. This collection contain five gorgeous and unique shades.

Side note: Apologies that all I've done are swatch posts lately. I have been way too busy lately, but I plan on taking parting in the 31 Day Challenge starting September 1, so tons of nail art is coming! Don't worry :)

Onto the swatch fest...

First up, my absolute favorite of the collection, is Flight of the Flamingos. This is a combination of neon pink and gold glitters in a grayish nude base. Seriously, it's like Nikole took all of my favorite things and put them in one polish. I'm obsessed with combining pink and gold as well and nude and neon, so I'm all kinds of in love with this one.

HARE polish - Flight of the FlamingosHARE Polish - Flight of the Flamingos

Formula, as I find with most HARE polishes, is kind of thick, but not hard to work with. I think they're always so thick because of the amount of glitter and you never have to dig for any of it. I used three coats for the photos above.

HARE Polish - Neon Palm

Next is Neon Palm. I was very excited about this one and I think it's a perfect example of what HARE polish is super awesome at, which is combining colors you wouldn't otherwise put together. It is a muted green jelly based polish filled with various neon pink & copper glitters. I am obsessed.

HARE Polish - Neon PalmHARE Polish - Neon Palm

Formula was great with this one as well, you actually will see me say that about every polish in this collection. I used three coats in the photos above.

HARE polish - Mad Chill

This is Mad Chill. I wish it photographed half as awesome as it looked in person (the photo below is a little more accurate). Seriously, you need this polish. It was actually the one I was least excited about, but once I put it on, I was in awe of how beautiful it was. Mad Chill is a royal blue jelly base with various neon blue, white, ice blue glitters with silver microglitter.

HARE polish - Mad ChillHARE Polish - Mad Chill

Another great formula, just a little bit more tricky than the others because of the amount of glitter in this one. I used four coats to achieve full opacity, but if you don't mind a little VNL, then two are three are perfect.

HARE Polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise

This gorgeous red jelly is Dancing Bird of Paradise. It's filled with various shapes/sizes of neon pink, satin white & gold glitter plus flaky gold shimmer. It looks so squishy and pretty! I'm not big on red polish, but this one's just too gorgeous to pass up.

HARE Polish - Dancing Bird of ParadiseHARE Polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise

Good formula, was fairly easy to apply. I did have some serious shrinkage later one, which I'm sure had to do with using Seche Vite, but I didn't have that problem with any of the other shades in this collection. I used three coats in the photos above, but you honestly could probably get away with two.

HARE Polish - Washed Ashore

Last we have Washed Ashore. This one is girly and dainty and probably the one polish in the collection that doesn't completely feel like it belongs. It reads more spring to me than summer, but I'm glad it's in the collection. I love the soft color palette. Washed Ashore is a pink/peach jelly with a mix of ice blue glitter, purple/blue iridescent glitter & silver shimmer.

HARE Polish - Washed AshoreHARE Polish - Washed Ashore

Good formula, but it did take about four or five coats to reach the opacity in the photos, which is expected with such a light colored jelly. If you hate VNL / aren't patient enough to do five coats of polish, I suggest using a similar color as an undie before applying this.

HARE polish can be purchase from their etsy and make sure you like them on facebook so you'll know when this collection has been restocked :)

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