Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Post from Just One More Bottle

Hey everyone! School has been busy as of late and I don't really have much time to paint my nails, which sucks. I have asked Samantha from Just One More Bottle to do a guest post for me and ahh, I just love these nails! I think they're perfect for fall.

Here's the post:

I have done this look once before, in August because I was so excited for the coming season. I think the practice really helped with this out come. I started out using a shimmery brown as my base coat. I used Butter London Shag. Then I sponged on a layer of a flat cremé darker orange to give it some depth. I don't use any real rhythm to my sponging, just add it all over the nail. For every layer you add, just try to leave some of the previous color visible on the outer edges. Then I added a light brown over that. After I added brown I added a light shimmery yellow and switched back and forth between the yellow and a neon orange. You just have to play with the colors until you like the look. I like to have orange as my top layer. Then I painted the tree with a striper brush and stamped the leaves on the other nails using Bundle Monster Image plate BM11 with a Konad stamper.

So there you have it! Go check out her blog, Just One More Bottle, to see more of her awesome nail art!

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