Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tie-dye / Floral Mash Up

Hey all! Long time, no blogging. So much for that New Year's resolution! :(

Unfortunately, life has been pretty strange lately. My boyfriend of seven years and I broke up about three months ago or so and I haven't felt like painting my nails much. I have a few products that I need to review for the Born Pretty Store that I have been sitting on for longer than I'd like to admit. For the past month I've been painting my nails but haven't liked anything enough to blog about them. Luckily, I'm in love with today's nails, so I hope this is the end of the rut I've been in!

Tie Dye/Floral

For today's nail art I  decided to pair these floral decals from the Born Pretty Store with Chalkboard Nails tie-dye technique. I've used this technique once before in some Fourth of July nail art. I must say, I definitely have improved since a year ago.

Tie Dye/Floral

I have a slight feeling I might be doing tie-dye a lot this summer. Not to mention it's one of the few designs I can actually do with my non-dominant hand.

For these nails I used Color Club Look, Don't Tusk as a base color, it is definitely one of my new favorite off-whites. For the tie-dye, I used Zoya Yana, Revlon Impulsive, and Color Club Nail-robi.

Born Pretty Store Floral Decals Born Pretty Store Floral Decals

The decals, like all decals from the Born Pretty Store, were super easy to use. The only issues I had with these was that it was hard to cut the flowers apart from each other since they're printed so close. Otherwise, I had absolutely no issues applying them while following the directions on the back of the packaging. These floral decals can be purchased for $1.99 per sheet. Don't forget to use the code NHL91 for 10% off your order.

It feels really good to be painting my nails and blogging again. Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Such a pretty combination! I love the tie-dye!

  2. I am very sorry about your situation with your boyfriend. I can tell you from my experience that everything will be OK, time heals everything! I broke up with my boyfriend after 7 1/2 years and now I am married with a child and everything that happened back than is an old memory!
    You made a fantastic manicure with the decals!

  3. Sorry to hear about your break up! I'm hoping you are doing fine despite it all :)

    But welcome back :) I love this mani =)