Friday, September 21, 2012

31DC2012 Day 20: Water Marble

Soooo happy because my water marble doesn't actually look all kinds of horrible for once. I mean, they're not amazing or anything, but I felt they were good enough that I felt no need to redo any of my nails.

I used the Peter Som trio to create this, and let me tell you, they worked like a dream. No problems what so ever. I'm just really bad at figuring out where to place my fingernail in the water haha.

I love this color scheme. I wish they had these colors out in the summer, seriously would have worn the crap out of them

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  1. I absolutely love your marble nails! I gave up trying to do them, I seriously only end up making a huge mess on my nails and everywhere else possible haha. By the way I love your blog! Check out mine sometime if you have a chance (:


  2. SO SO SO pretty :)
    I am a bit "nervous" when it comes to this challenge cause I can´t get my water marbles right :D It never works...
    Love this :)