Wednesday, September 12, 2012

31DC2012 Day 12: Stripes

Some simple stripes for Day 12 because school is kicking my butt. I have a whole 16 page book to design and put together before my 9:30 class tomorrow morning (it's 10:42 p.m. as I write this). Also I just reallllllyyyy wanted to use the Zoyas I got from my Zoya BOGO purchase.

I think Natty is my new favorite, the formula is awesome, I love dusty blues and ahh so gorgeous.

Look at that bit of purple flash on Gemma, nom. (Is it weird to say 'nom' about nail polish? Oh wellz). Also, I realize this color scheme may be a little strange but I don't care, I like these colors together.

The colors I used are Zoya Gemma, Natty, and Marley.

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  1. I think this color combo works great!

  2. Agreed, I like the color combo a lot! I got Natty in my BOGO haul too and I love it a lot. I have Gemma but have never used it, I think I'll need to soon now!

    1. Yes! you really do need to use Gemma, ASAP!