Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So with school, it looks like I don't have much time with nail art, but I have time to swatch polishes like a fiend, so here's some more polishes I've had forever, but I've never posted about before – HAREpolish.

Cosmo Blossoms
This just might be my favorite polish ever. It's a beautiful lavender base filled with bright green glitter. This lavender color is exactly the color I would love to dye my hair, which might be why I love it so much, but also I think it's a very unique combination of colors. Never would I ever think purple and green would look good together and not remind me of Barney. Honestly, I think if there was only one polish I could wear for the rest of my life, this would be it. I'm wearing three coats in the photo above, and application was very smooth.

This is a dark blue jelly with orange and purple hex glitter and tiny purple glitter. Another fun combination of colors, I think that's pretty common with HARE polishes and it's what makes them so unique. I had to use four coats for photos, but to the human eye it was opaque in three. This is a little bit thicker than Cosmo Blossoms, but the formula was still easy to work with.

Rad Cloud
I'm not even sure where to begin when describing this. It's a light pink base with purple, pink, green, and orange glitters of various sizes and shapes. My favorite part about this polish is the square glitters. I am a big sucker for any polish with a square glitter. This was a bit thick in consistency, still workable and I managed to not have any issues except with my pointer finger. I used four coats in the above photo for full opacity.

Magic Mist
A purple base with blue, orange, pink, and purple glitters of various shapes and sized. This one also has square glitters but not as many as Rad Cloud. I really love this polish, almost as much as Cosmo Blossoms. I obviously have a thing for purple and I just love the way it looks with the bright orange! This one was thick like Rad Cloud. If I had polish thinner, those two polishes would be the ones I'd use it on, but they are definitely still workable without thinner, and these polishes are completely worth any slight struggle, in my opinion.

Why So Ingenious?
This one actually has a purple base; however, it was quite translucent and I didn't have a purple polish that matched it color wise, so I went with black. You can check out the listing on etsy for a photo without an undie. I really like this over black though, it really makes the purple glitter stand out.

Hope you all enjoy my swatches. I haven't been inspired much lately to do nail art, school is taking it's toll on my creativity. But I will say, I've enjoyed swatching, I've been wearing a lot of polishes that I've had for awhile but I've never worn before.

HAREpolish can be purchased on etsy or llarowe, and make sure to like them on facebook to get updates on shop restocks.


  1. Awesome reviews love all these colors!!!! Xoxo

  2. Wow. I recently purchased Cosmo Blossoms but haven't worn it yet. Magic Mist looks amazing too--I have a thing for purples as well. Thanks for the swatches!