Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coco Allure Swatch Spam

Hello everyone! Recently Leah Ann from Llarowe had multiple random sales on her birthday and I could not resist. One of the sales was for the brand Coco Allure, which I had never heard of before but I'm always curious about trying new indie brands.

This post is actually quite photo heavy, so I've included everything after the jump!

First is Snap Dragon. It's a gorgeous purple jelly with matte orange, blue, and purple glitters. I really like the glitter in this one, very similar to Lush Lacquer Clowning Around, which reminds me of Fruity Pebbles.

The formula was pretty good. I did have to do a little digging for the glitter, but not much. I used three coats for the photos above.

Next is Safe For Work. I'm actually all kinds of in love with this one. Still not over the combination of pink and gold, so obviously this one is a winner in my book. Very girly but not in a little kid way.

This one had a fairly good formula as well, a little thick. It is an extremely sheer polish, so I used two coats over Orly Prelude To A Kiss, which is pretty much the perfect undie for this one. If VNL doesn't bother you, then you could totally wear this by itself, but I tried and even with four coats, it was not opaque enough for me.

This next one is Robin Eggs, which I still haven't decided if it's a pun or not (as in stealing eggs, I don't know, never mind, just ignore that thought). Gorgeous blue cream base with all kinds of glitters: blue, purple, orange, square, hex, large, small. I love it; it's really fun and the perfect for Easter, I think. The amount of glitter and the combination of them definitely makes me think of the Hare polishes that I own, which is a very good thing.

The formula for this was pretty thick, so you have to apply it pretty carefully. The first and second coat go on fine, but the third gets a little tricky. I'm sure it's because of the amount of glitter, but the little bit of struggle is defnitely worth it.

Last is Peaches And Dreams, which sadly, was kind of a disappointment. This is a peach jelly base with some iridescent glitter, both larger and some smaller. I honestly would have preferred if it was just the smaller ones. You can't really see them in the photos, but the larger glitters make the polish appear kind of lumpy, even though it was smooth. Luckily, my camera managed to not capture that.

This polish was very sheer, I applied two coats over Orly Prelude To A Kiss for this one as well. The formula was fairly thick as well. I don't want to sound completely negative though, I thought it looked completely gorgeous in the bottle, but on the nail it just fell short to me.

I bought these polishes off of Llarowe, where they are sold for $11.00 each. You can also purchase Coco Allure on their etsy for $9 each.

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