Sunday, October 13, 2013

Swatchtober - Pretty & Polished Halloween 2013 Collection

Happy Sunday! Along with tutorials (which I have another one coming up soon) I wanted to swatch some Halloween collections.

I'm calling it swatchtober (I'm so witty, right?) and I'm starting it off my swatching the Pretty & Polished Halloween 2013 collection. This collection consists of three polished, one of which glows in the dark and another which is color changing.

There are A LOT of photos for these, so I included the rest of the post after the jump!

First is Death By Candy Corn a yellow to orange thermal changing crelly with a mix of orange, yellow, and white hex and rectangle matte glitters. I used three coats over Revlon Buttercup for the photos above. The first two coats, it actually dried with an ombre/gradient effect which was pretty awesome and I wish I would've kept it like that. The polish is yellow when it's warm and orange when it's cold. Definitely perfect for fall and the name is perfect.

Next is Glowstick. This is a bright green glow in the dark crelly with orange and green matte hex glitter with smaller orange glitters. I layered two coats of this over Zoya Josie. The glow in this are pretty awesome but I really suck at holding my hand still enough for glow in the dark photos, so I apologize for the blur. The polish is perfect for halloween and I love it, plus I'm a sucker for any and all glow in the dark polishes.

The last polish of the collection is Are You Afraid of the Dark?, a black crelly with circle and hex glitter in blue, teal, red, and purple. This is honestly my personal favorite. I just really love circle glitter and this is actually my first polish with them! This polish is the perfect not-cliché Halloween polish. I used two coats over Pure Ice Black out for the photos above.

I don't know about you, but I love Halloween and halloween based polishes are my absolute favorite. This collection is no exception. These polishes can be purchased for $8.50 each on the Pretty & Polished website.


  1. Are You Afraid of the Dark? is my favourite too, just gorgeous <3

  2. These are all AMAZING!!! I especially love Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Death By Candy Corn :) I love anything orange lately ;)