Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ombré Hombre

Day five of the Superfluous Nail Art Challenge is gradient (or ombré) nails.

I wanted to do something more than just a regular gradient, so originally I was going to add white stripes. I had seen it on some guys swim trunks at the beach and I really liked it; however, when I started painting the stripes on my nails, they didn't look how I envisioned so I quickly removed them.

Then I remembered when Sarah from Chalkboard Nails used Windestine's Asbestos over her Springtime pink and green gradient and thought I'd borrow that idea. I seriously love this look, one of my favorite manicure's I've ever done, and to me it screams summer.

The gradient technique I used is The Nailasaurus's gradient tutorial. The only difference is, I don't use a kitchen sponge, I use one of those wedge sponges used for applying makeup. I've tried various ways of doing gradients but hers just works the best for me.

For this manicure I used Julep's Jessica and Taylor and Windestine's Asbestos. Asbestos is a clear base made of of itty bitty white square glitters. Windestine polishes can be bought through her etsy and big cartel.

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