Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh Baby!

I've seen a lot of topcoats recently that give your polish a duochrome look. Hits is the brand I'm thinking of, but I'm sure there are plenty more. When I picked up Pure Ice's Oh Baby! the other day at Walmart, I thought it would just add a nice blue sparkle to whatever I was wearing. I had know idea that it's name would be so fitting.

As you can see, it gives off mostly a blue sparkle and fades into a purple.

But at certain angles, it looks magenta.

I used Oh Baby! over OPI's DS Mystery because I liked how the blue and purple sparkle looked with the gold glitter, but it gives the same duochrome effect over black.

Pure Ice is an inexpensive, drugstore polish that can be purchased at Walmart for just $1.99. A much cheaper alternative to Hits, though Oh Baby! is definitely not a dupe for any of the Hits polishes.

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