Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Windestine Swatch Spam!

Today I decided to show some swatches from the indie brand Windestine. This post is very picture heavy so let's get started!

First up is Spica *Swirl*. Windestine used to sell a polish just called Spica, which was very similar, but from the swatches I've seen, it looks more like a royal blue than a navy. Spica *Swirl* has a navy blue/turquoise base with various sized holographic silver and light gold glitters.

There are even little crescent moon shaped ones!

Each brushstroke is filled with all different types of glitter and I had no problems with glitter placement.

I used three coats for the above swatches. There was a teeny tiny bit of shrinkage that you can probably see in the photos but it wasn't as noticeable in person.

Next up is Bellatrix, which I would say is the sister polish to Spica *Swirl*. It has a dark maroon base with blue, pink, gold, and silver glitters. There are crescent moon glitters in this one as well.

This polish doesn't appear as glitter heavy on the nail as Spica *Swirl* is, but I'm not sure if that's because there aren't any larger glitters besides the moon.

I used three coats for the photos above and Bellatrix also had a little bit of shrinkage. The shrinkage could be caused by my topcoat; however, I've never had it shrink anything on me before.

Next is Asbestos, a polish with a clear base filled with tiny white square glitters.

I wore this recently in my ombré manicure. Love this polish.

I wore one coat of Asbestos over Zoya's Arizona (which appears to be a color my camera hates).

This last one is Carbon Copy. Carbon Copy is the brother... sister... (whatever you would like to call it) to Abestos. This polish is full of teeny tiny black glitters in a clear base.

There's also a slight shimmer to it, which isn't as present on the nail but can be seen in the bottle.

In the photos above, I used one coat of Carbon Copy over OPI's Stranger Tides.

Overall, the formula for all of these was thick, but I had no trouble with glitter placement for any of them. I was a little bummed about Bellatrix. When I saw swatches of it, I thought it was going to be my favorite; however, it just is kind of blah to me. Maybe it's just because it's still summer and the base color is so dark or it could be something as simple as I could have used another layer of top coat. Either way, I love all of the others.

Windestine polishes can be bought at either her Etsy or Big Cartel stores. Spica *Swirl* and Bellatrix are both $8 each for a full size a bottle, where Asbestos and Carbon Copy are $6 each.

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