Sunday, September 29, 2013

31DC2013: Day 23 - Inspired by a Movie

The prompt of the 'inspired by' section that I've been most excited for - inspired by a movie!

Do you know what movie this is? It's Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, and honestly, if you haven't see this movie, you need to. If not for the story, then for those cute little soot sprites because they are freaking adorable.

Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film produced by Studio Ghibli, the same studio who produced films such as My Neighbor TotoroKiki's Delivery Service, and Ponyo. I'm not going to spoil anything in this post, don't worry in case these nails give you a really strong desire to watch it haha.

For my pointer and middle fingers, I painted little soot sprites with star candy, on my ring finger I painted No Face, and my pinky is based off of the main character, Chihiro's, shirt. For my thumb, I've painted the dragon from the film.

I really like these, I wish I could have soot sprites on my nails 24/7.

So as of right now, I am six days behind, hopefully I can do a few more prompts today so I will finish by October 1. :)

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  1. i love spirited away! its one of my favourite chiildhood films!