Saturday, September 13, 2014

31DC2014: Day 13 - Animal Print

Today's prompt is animal print. Instead of doing a print you would find on an animal, I made a print out of an animal.

31DC2014: Day 13 - Animal Print

These are based on a pair of crab pajama bottoms I purchased at Target. Being a marylander, I love crabs, and even though it's September and not really summer anymore, I just had to do this print.

The colors I used are:
Zoya Natty
Julep Delaunay

To create the little crabbies, I painted a football shape, added four legs coming off of each side, three pointing down and one facing up, then I added the claws.

31DC2014: Day 13 - Animal Print

(prompt courtesy of Chalkboard Nails)

Here are my animal print nails from 31DC2013 & 31DC2012.


  1. they are so original and perfect! i love the idea, the little crabs are so cute!